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Please use the following form to tell us about your materials needed for Pebble Epoxy installations, repairs or just reseal/top coat. We will give you a quote for materials only once we have figured out costs for materials and approximate shipping.

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    ATTENTION: If you have never ordered materials before, please be sure to add at least 3 extra gallons of epoxy and 9 extra bags of pebbles to ensure you DO NOT run out of materials before finishing the job

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    ReSeal UV Enhanced EpoxyRegular Stone Bond Epoxy (no UV additives)UV Enhanced Stone Bond Epoxy (70° F or warmer)Cool Weather Stone Bond Epoxy (60° to low 70° FCold Weather Stone Bond Epoxy (60º down to 30º F)


    For Reseal - 1 gallon of epoxy reseal covers approximately 150 sqft.
    For Pebble Epoxy installation - 1 gallon of Stone Bond Epoxy mixed with 3 Fifty pound bags of pebbles covers 30-40 sqft

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