Think you need to tear out your old concrete? You may not need to…

Look what we can do for your old driveway – and for 1/2 the cost of a new installation and our work comes with a WARRANTY!
This driveway was the last piece of the puzzle for our client who was selling his home.  The driveway was deemed “total tear out and reinstall” by many concrete contractors (of course they would say that).  But we came in and removed all the areas with small pieces and doweled rebar into the older existing concrete to ensure the new would stay connected with the older concrete.  We then tapped the entire driveway to locate any hollow voids – we then drilled holes and filled the hollow voids with polyurethane foam to help stabilize the driveway.  We then sealed and repaired all cracks and then resurfaced the entire driveway, giving it a new broom finish.  The then coated the entire driveway with a colored concrete sealer to give it a cohesive look as new concrete looks.
All this was done for 1/2 the cost of tear out and new installation!
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