Pour In Place Rubber Urethane Pool Deck

We are so excited about our new service offering in Atlanta.  Pebble Stone, LLC now offers Rubber Urethane Concrete Coating and Flooring in the Atlanta metro and north Atlanta areas.

Our pour in place Rubber Flooring can be used for indoors and outdoor applications such as rubber coating on pool decks, playgrounds, gyms, tennis courts, driveways, patios, dog parks and horse wash areas.

This same rubber urethane coating has been used for decades and has become the most wanted slip resistant – soft deck concrete coating available.  We have been trained by the rubber urethane industry leaders, RubCorp and use only RubCorp approved materials.

Rubber concrete coating will last for many years and with proper maintenance, can last a lifetime.  The rubber coating is porous and goes down between 3/8″ to 1/2″ so water puddles can easily be resolved by using this amazing rubber flooring for areas of high traffic and exposure to water.

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Pour In Place Rubber Urethane Coating

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